Top 5 Malyalam Thriller Movies to Watch

Ruthvik Gowda   Aug 17, 2020
 Top 5 Malyalam Thriller Movies to Watch

      The best thrillers all about that build-up and release of tension, which is, ultimately, the fundamental joy of cinema. With such a broad genre, there are many movies in the thriller genre to choose from, including horror, psychological, true crime, and black. Here is a list of some malayalam movies with mind twisting ends.

5. Forensic

Forensic is one of the Top 5 Malyalam Thriller Movies to Watch

    Forensic is a clean and thriller,In this movie When Alphonse Kurian, a psychotic murderer, sets out on a killing spree, Samuel, a medico-legal advisor, uses his forensic skills to unravel the truth behind the heinous deeds.

    This movie offers us more twists and turns than we can digest. The start the film well and also bring the suspense elements and twist well in the break time.

IMDb: 6.6
Source: Netflix

4. Vettah

Vettah is one of the Top 5 Malyalam Thriller Movies to Watch

    Vettah is an engaging watch in the thriller mode and can be enjoyed for its novelty in treatment and narration and Kunchako Boban's performance and charactertization stands out and his rugged look and rustic performance overshadows the other actors".

    Sreebala IPS is the officer-in-charge probing the missing case of renowned actress Uma. The smart cop and her colleague Xylex pinpoint a potential criminal in no time, but hardly do they know that the case will also traverse their lives, explaining some surprising turn of events.

IMDb: 6.8
Source: Mx Player

3. 7th day

7th day is one of the Top 5 Malyalam Thriller Movies to Watch

    7th Dayhas its own ups and downs however it also has a gripping storyline. The screenplay and narration are too slow and nagging at some point.

    David Abraham IPS(Prithviraj) is a 42 year old Middle aged suspended crime branch officer from Kerala Police department, there is a reason behind his suspension which will be revealed out as the movie story develop. Eventhough David Abraham is in suspension he engages himself in the investigation of a case which is not yet recorded in the crime records.

IMDb: 6.9
Source: Disney Hotstar

2. Anjaam pathira

Anjaam pathira is one of the Top 5 Malyalam Thriller Movies to Watch

    Anjaam pathirais a Game changer for Midhun Manuel Thomas Director and Kunjchacko bobon (Anwar hussian) Criminologist too. This was A Perfect Seated Edge‑Thriller Of Anjamm Pathira movie.

    The police are on the trail of a serial killer, but with the victims being fellow officers, will they be able to catch the killer and solve the case in time

IMDb: 8
Source: Mx Player

1. Drishyam

Drishyam is one of the Top 5 Malyalam Thriller Movies to Watch

    Drishyam is a Family entertainer, In which superstar Mohanlal potray's the character of Georgekutty a common family man struggling for daily breads. in this he goes to extreme lengths to save his family from punishment after the family commits an accidental crime.

    When the disappearance of a policewoman's son threatens to ruin Vijay's family, he leaves no stone unturned in order to shield his family.

IMDb: 8.3
Source: Disney Hotstar